The Pros and Cons of Vaccinations

Often patients come into my office asking about vaccines.

  • Should I get my flu shot?
  • What about the chicken pox vaccine?
  • Shingles vaccine?

While I cannot tell you to forgo vaccinations, I can help you to understand what I know in order for you to make an educated decision.  I encourage everyone to read both sides of the story, medical and natural.

 Vaccine Related Definitions

  1. vaccination-  Something placed into your body that has infectious or disease promoting proteins.  These proteins are called 2. antigens.  If you have a decent immune system then your immune system will recognize these foreign antigens and create antibodies towards them.  Once the antibodies are created then you have immunity or partial immunity (as long as your body is healthy to begin with and does not have a decreased immune system-as often seen in infants and the elderly).

These are the top two groups vaccinated.  Infants receive passive antibodies from their mother’s milk. In a perfect world you’d be vaccinated then have a follow up blood test to check for the presence of antibodies to prove “immunity.”

Vaccinations Do Not Prevent Disease


vaccinations pros and consI was working at a hospital and it was required that each employee have the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination with corresponding antibodies otherwise known as the MMW vaccine.   After 13 rounds of vaccinations I still didn’t have an antibody titer that would show me as being immunized or having immunity to said viruses.  They hospital gave me and exemption as they had done the proper protocol 13 times and I had 13 times the dose of vaccinations that didn’t particularly help my immune system.

The flu shot is truly a guessing game.  The CDC (Centers for Disease and Control)  makes educated guesses on which viruses should be the most prevalent in the U.S.  Due to increased international travel and the ease of spread with multiple flu viruses this guess has gone from what was once just pseudoscience to a pathetic percentage of accuracy.

Because the flu shot itself is a live attenuated virus (a virus with its legs cut off) the virus in the shot can combine with other proteins in the body and become virulent or possess the ability to make someone sick (although it is not considered a full-fledged virus).

Since less than 1 percent of the population ever experiences the true flu why would I want to get sick to reserve a “risk” of getting sick?  My chance of getting the flu is miniscule to begin with ( even less because I’m not an infant, morbidly obese, elderly or mentally challenged).  I’ll take my chances. No vaccine for me!

Most outbreaks begin with those who were already vaccinated, which means most vaccines don’t work or the body isn’t immunized as one thought.   Remember: you have to be immunized (meaning illicit an immunological response and render the immune system sensitive to a viral challenge).

Most of us are vaccinated but not immunized -Big Difference!!

When there’s an outbreak in school, vaccinated or not, what happens?  They send the kids home.  Why?  Aren’t we vaccinated?  Oh wait, perhaps not everyone has immunity.

Vaccines are not routinely tested together but often given together which  can be an assault on the immune system throwing it to be underactive or more commonly overactive.  Another name for an overactive immune system is autoimmune (attacking you).

Gulf war syndrome, Huntsville Mystery Illness, SIDS, autism, Guilliam Barre, paralytic poliomyelitis and Erythema Nodosum Syndrome are some conditions that have been associated with an overactive immune system following vaccinations.

So, how are you to be sure you don’t have an overactive reaction and what can you do to avoid it or help it once it occurs?  Unfortunately, nothing other than educate yourself and make the best decision you can for you and your children.   Here’s why.

In November 2002, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Homeland Security Bill and it also gave drug companies’ liability protection and banned lawsuits against drug companies for any and all injuries and deaths caused by bioterrorism and pediatric vaccinations.  This means if you or your children are hurt, made sick with disease, or even worse, die, you only have yourself to blame.  

Manufactures who put Thimerosal (a type of mercury often used in vaccines which has many side effects) are immune to any liability.  Furthermore, our troops are forced to take on many vaccines at once.  They do not have the ability to protest or get aide from our government or vaccine manufactures should they remain crippled the rest of their lives!

Until this part of the bill is changed my stance is to avoid vaccines while doing all that I can to increase my health and immunity. Until the vaccine manufacturers come forth with clear consumer safety records (meaning no mercury or other poisons included in the vaccines), I’m avoiding them.

The effectiveness of vaccinations (versus immunity) is still too controversial for me to feel comfortable giving myself (or my children) vaccines – but each of us must decide what is best for our families.


Yours in Health


Dr Alan Trites


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